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Dear Friend of Our Lady of Fatima,

       It’s not often that a book comes along that is so important and insightful that it’s not just a pleasure to recommend it to you, it’s an outright duty.

       Such a book, I’m happy to say, is "Fatima in Twilight," a brilliant work by Mark Fellows that has attracted wide praise from critics and readers alike.

       ... "A compelling and essential read."

       ... "One of the finest books written on Fatima to date."

       ... "Elegantly written and superbly documented."

       ... "A MUST-READ for every Catholic and non-Catholic alike."

       These are just a handful of the comments that have greeted this new book since its publication. Already it seems very clear that "Fatima in Twilight" is destined to be a Catholic classic!

       I’m so excited, in fact, about this wonderful book that I’ve asked Mark if I could provide you with an excerpt from it so you can see for yourself just how beautifully written and powerful it is.

       On this web site you’ll find an entire chapter from the book along with more comments from leading Catholic writers and Fatima experts like John Vennari and Chris Ferrara.

       I’m guessing that you will find "Fatima in Twilight" not only one of the best-written books you’ve read on Fatima in years, but also one of the most honest and forthright.

       Perhaps it’s because Mark Fellows is a layman, but his perspective on Our Lady’s Message is both refreshingly new and profoundly moving. He is obviously a man who cares deeply about both the Church and his fellow Catholics.

       He is also a writer who has meticulously researched his subject and found much that is new and worthy of our attention. Even more importantly, he brings a welcome and rare objectivity that could not be more timely or needed than it is today!

       Almost every reader and reviewer agrees that "Fatima in Twilight" is one of the most hard-hitting and fearless books ever published on Fatima.

       As you’ll see, Mark Fellows is not afraid to ask the hard questions that demand to be asked, even if those same questions anger or irritate some readers.

       And he’s also not afraid to place blame squarely where it needs to be placed, even if that means at the very highest levels of the Church hierarchy itself.

       Like me, you may not agree with his conclusions entirely, but you can be sure that you will not be unmoved by his passion, his knowledge and his deep, deep commitment to Our Lady.

       I know you are going to absolutely love this book!

       As always, may God bless and keep you safe and close to Him. Thank you again for all your prayers and continuing support.

                   Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

                   Father Nicholas Gruner



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