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      Mark Fellows is a writer who stands in a class by himself. He has written the definitive work on the history of the Fatima Message and the malign efforts of certain ecclesial authorities to distort, suppress and bury its prophetic warnings for the Church and the world. By turns powerful, witty and even lyrical, Fellows’ prose makes this book a joy to read. And no one can surpass his insights into the subject matter. Indeed, Fellows has that rare gift of being able to discover “obvious” points that have eluded the rest of us. A compelling and essential read for anyone who cares about the state of the Church and the world today.

Christopher A. Ferrara
Co-Author, The Great Facade

      Excellent reading. Mark Fellows has covered the full Fatima Message from its beginning to its climax. A MUST read for every Catholic and non-Catholic.

Connie Cook
Lancashire, England

      Fatima in Twilight, the new book by Mark Fellows, is one of the finest books written on Fatima to date. Thoroughly documented, it examines the history of the 20th Century, and the post-Conciliar crisis of faith, through the lens of Our Lady’s Fatima Message. This book expertly proves that the defining events of the past century, as well as the course of our future, are all intimately connected to Fatima. After reading Fatima in Twilight, you will never look at the 20th Century the same way again.

Bernadette Vesco

      Not since William Thomas Walsh has the Fatima story been told with such beauty and power. Yet Fatima in Twilight contains much more. Elegantly written and superbly documented, this book explains Our Lady’s Message of Fatima as the most important event in the 20th Century and the key to understanding all that has happened since, including the horrors of war, the rise of godlessness and the post-Conciliar crisis of Faith in the Catholic Church. The world has gone mad because it has ignored Our Lady. If you think you understand the full impact of Fatima, Mark Fellows will make you think again.

John Vennari, Editor
Catholic Family News

       Fatima in Twilight is the book by which we can understand the implications Fatima has had on the past century – a century cursed with unending revolution, conflict and war as well as a severe crisis in the Catholic Church, but also blessed with a remedy from Heaven, if mankind would only choose to follow it.

      The remedy has long been available – since near the beginning of the most “enlightened,” godless, murderous and bloodstained century in human civilization – but what evidence is there, if any, to support the claim by a few that the remedy is being followed?

      Fatima in Twilight also examines (with extensive documentation provided) the roles of the Popes in regard to the Message of Fatima, from Pius XI to John Paul II, including the various papal acts of consecration of the world and the supposed revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima. This book reveals what Sister Lucy has had to say over the past 50 years regarding the requests of Our Lady of Fatima and their implications on the state of the Church and the world, today!

Andrew Cesanek

      The Third Secret of Fatima is still shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. Satan knows the art of deception is his best weapon and has undermined the Church in order to win the final battle for your soul. This, our darkest hour, is not the beginning of the end but the eve of the ultimate war, Mark Fellows is giving us the intelligence we now need and that everyone can readily comprehend.

Gary Hirons

      Mark Fellows’ new book Fatima in Twilight is a complete joy. It is well documented and a pleasure to read. Anyone who has any interest in the salvation of mankind should make this book a top priority. Mr. Fellows’ knowledge and insight give answers to the questions that should be uppermost in the minds of all Catholics today. I could not recommend it more highly.

Mary Christie
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia