Review of Fatima in Twilight

For the past half-century and more, I have read and studied everything relative to the Apparitions of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima and marvelled at Her messages, Her pleas for our loving response to Her requests and Her warnings for the whole of mankind. After all that time and after so much reading, I could well have been tempted to think that I know it all — that there is nothing new that can be written about Fatima.

With the momentous publication of The Devil's Final Battle, such thought of finality on the subject of Fatima — if I had been tempted to harbour such thought, which I did not — would surely have been brought face-to-face with realities previously unknown or unheard of by the vast majority of Catholics.  It is a book that had to be written ... it is a book that has to be read.

Over the years, the more I have contemplated the incredible depth of all that pertains to Fatima, the more I have been drawn to think of Fatima as being comparable with a magnificent diamond with its many facets reflecting ever-new beauty and colour ... as being a precious gem, the sight and possession of which it would be impossible to tire.

Now, in the book — Fatima in Twilight — the beauty, the value and the magnificence of all that is Fatima, has been enhanced a thousand-fold, just as the radiance of a beautiful diamond would be enhanced by placing it on a black background.  With great skill, Mark Fellows has "painted" in words, that black background against which the real meaning of Fatima can finally be understood by those who do not have access to information such as is given in this book.

When Our Blessed Mother came to Fatima, She KNEW what was happening and what was being planned for the downfall of the Church.  As a true and loving Mother, She came because She KNEW what lay ahead for mankind.   She gave to very young children a vision of hell, knowing that ahead lay the time when even those entrusted with the care and shepherding of souls for their eternal salvation would mock the very idea of the existence of hell, choosing rather to focus on the love and mercy of God and to generate belief in universal salvation.

As our Mother, Mary brought to us, at Fatima, not only the knowledge of the perils that lay ahead if we failed to heed Her requests and warnings but also provided us with the simplest way to attain peace in the world — in the form of Her statement to the children that She would come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.   That time came in 1929. Our Blessed Lady told Sr. Lucy that the time had come when God was asking for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart — such solemn Consecration to be made by the Holy Father in union with all the bishops of the world.  In return for this act of humble submission to the Holy Will of God, She promised that Russia would be converted and that there would be peace in the world.

We have only to think back on the history of the world since 1929 to realise that even World War II — as well as the endless state of war, aggression and terrorism that have existed right to the present day — need never have been if, in faith and humility, the Pope and the bishops had complied with Our Lady's requests and also fulfilled God's desire that devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary should become universal, together with the devotion of the Five First Saturdays in reparation for all the offences committed against the loving Heart of His Mother and ... the daily recitation of the Rosary by Catholics worldwide.  Such is God's love for His Holy Mother ... and for each of us.

During the past few decades, it has become increasingly clear that there are various categories of Catholics.  There are those who follow mindlessly like good sheep, quite content with whatever comes along as long as they enjoy what they are doing and as long as things make them feel good.  There are those who, little by little, are allowing their precious inherited Faith to be replaced by the things of this world to such an extent that they are content to be nominally Catholics and that's all.  By the grace of God, there are those to whom TRUTH matters — those who seek answers to the many perplexing questions that come to mind.   With regard to Fatima, WHY did Our Lady never smile when She appeared to the three young children?  WHY did She reveal an actual vision of hell to those so young?  WHY did She proclaim God's Will concerning Russia?  WHY did She ask for prayers and sacrifices to be offered for the conversion of poor sinners?   The answer to all those questions is simple ... it was because She KNEW what will happen if we fail to respond and to comply with the Holy Divine Will of God.   What Mary KNEW then and KNOWS NOW is, in fact, the black background that enhances the depth, the beauty, the magnificence and the priceless value of all that is Fatima.

In this powerful book, Fatima in Twilight, Mark Fellows has painted the intense black background that has existed even since before the Apparitions at Fatima.  This book is the product of such prolific research that the average person would not even know how to start looking for the information that is contained within its covers.   He has revealed, for our knowledge in this time of the Great Apostasy, what Mary KNEW when She came to Fatima.   He has revealed, through this masterful work, all the intrigue, plotting and scheming that have taken place and which have led to the present crisis in our beloved Church.

There are so many "quotable quotes" in the book, but to use them here would surely turn this review into a booklet on its own.  I prefer to say to all who will read these words ...

"This is a book for all who have the desire to know and the courage to face the truth.  Everything that has been written here by Mark Fellows is derived from historic and proven facts, with fully documented references.   Yes ... this is for YOU if you are one to whom truth really matters and even if, in the past, you might have been among those who say that they find such things somewhat frightening and feel that it is easier not to know ... I urge you to think again.   It is not only what lies ahead from a worldly point of view that is involved with Fatima but, most importantly of all, it is the very salvation of millions of souls for whom Our Heavenly Mother came to plead, to help, to advise and to warn.   If, up to now, you have not felt the urge or desire to really want to know and face the truth and indisputable facts ... please, cast your mind ahead right now and think of what eternal salvation really means.   It is not just something that was merited for us by Our Divine Lord on the Cross, leaving us to lead mediocre lives.  Our eternal salvation — each one individually — is something for which we have to live our lives in collaboration with God's grace, paying great personal attention to the role that He has given to Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces.    It is because She cares, as a true and loving Mother, that Our Blessed Lady came to us at Fatima ... and ... IF YOU WANT TO KNOW NOW what SHE KNEW THEN, you will find it recorded in this remarkable book ... Fatima in Twilight.

“All praise and thanks to the Most Holy Trinity for all the graces bestowed upon Mary ... and for the ability and courage of Mark Fellows in publishing this book for the love of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima ... and the salvation of souls."