Fatima in Twilight

Chapter Listing

Chapter 1                     What the Children Saw

Chapter 2                     The Divine Seal

Chapter 3                     Lucy Alone

Chapter 4                     Pontevedra and Tuy

Chapter 5                     Russia 

Chapter 6                     Portugal

Chapter 7                     The Spread of Errors and the Martyrdom of the Good

Chapter 8                     “The Epic of the Alcazar”

Chapter 9                     Fascism, Counter-Revolution, and Fatima

Chapter 10                   Signs in the Heavens

Chapter 11                   Fatima and the Grand Convergence

Chapter 12                   Twilight Begins

Chapter 13                   “The Two Pentecosts

Chapter 14                   Pope John’s Secrets

Chapter 15                   Fatima Time

Chapter 16                   Graces for Pope Paul

Chapter 17                   The Consecrations of Pope John Paul II

Chapter 18                   The Other Master ...

Chapter 19                   … And the Conversion of Russia

Chapter 20                   The Living Secret

Chapter 21                   Beyond Assisi: The Papal Vision

Chapter 22                   The Third Secret Revealed?

Chapter 23                   “The Message of Fatima”

Chapter 24                   Fatima and Cardinal Ratzinger

Chapter 25                   This Present Darkness

Chapter 26                   A Missed Opportunity: The October 8, 2000 “Entrustment” to Our Lady

Chapter 27                   Lucy and the Pirates

Chapter 28                   The Apostle of Her Heart